Back to the Jungle?

17 Apr

Z enjoying a swing on a jungle vine, Kbal Spean, Cambodia

A natural swing!

Who needs a playground when you have a jungle swing? This is Z, swinging on a vine, on his way to Kbal Spean, Cambodia.

One of the amazing things I think we’ve learnt while travelling is the simplest, most natural pleasures are often the best. From geckos and puppies to pondskaters and angel fish, the contemplative joy Z takes in nature really amazes me.

We spent an hour or so yesterday, in Palawan, the Philippines, watching this gorgeous little one-eyed kitten getting a compulsory bath, a stern telling off, and finally his dinner from his ma.

Kitten feeding, Palawan, Philippines

Emily, the one-eyed kitten

Today we visit a butterfly garden. Tomorrow we head down south through the forested interior of this wilderness island to the Tabon caves, where researchers found fragments of 50,000-year-old Tabon man.

Then, I think, it’s time to return to the jungle. Z loves to explore the jungle. So our plan is to walk across the entire island.

From white sand beaches through deep jungle and over volcanic ridges, staying with tribespeople on the way. We’ll end our journey at St Paul’s Caves, for a trip down the world’s longest navigable underground river, some say is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, having walked from the Sulu Sea to the South China Sea.

Thanks to Delicious Baby for hosting Photo Fridays.

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