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Our Maths Hell

17 Feb

Pile of ShacklesSo, four Mondays into our trip, and the home-schooling thing has hit a major speedbump. It’s the long division that’s killing both of us.

It’s a lovely sunny day in Phnom Penh, and we are encamped in the bar-restaurant opposite our guesthouse, using their internet, swigging lemon juice and sweating.

“So what is the next step?,” I say, with weary patience. He makes cow-eyes at me.

“We need to work out the tens now,” I say, in my best I-Am-A-Very-Nice-Patient-Person-And-Excellent-Mother-Who-In-No-Way-Needs-A-Large-Gin-And-Tonic falsetto.  Continue reading

Tree, Not Try

5 Feb

Tree knows the Bokor National Park better than most. After all, he lived in the forest for two years.

“My life was not a good one,” he says. “I was born in 1958. Until I was twelve, life was good. Then Nixon bomb my country and the trouble start.”

His family were prosperous peasants. They owned their own land, and Tree went to school at the temple.

“With the bombs, we had to hide in the forest. Then the Khmer Rouge kill my family, and I live in the forest alone,” he says. Continue reading

First Day of School . . .

28 Jan

Taking Z out of school for a year to travel proved less problematic than I’d thought. The headmaster and attendance officer basically said, “Where are you going? Brilliant! Keep an eye on the Maths and English.”

The Learning Trust, which administers education in our borough (Hackney), sent two people round the house with concerned expressions and a form. Continue reading