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On Eating Insects

19 Mar

Not the Most Drinkable...

So Z and I have eaten our first round of insects on this journey — in Vientiane, Laos. Baby crickets, deep-fried to a quite delectable crunchiness, flavoured with lashings of fish sauce, accompanied by crispy kaffir lime leaves and curls of frazzled lemongrass.

They are, in his words, “Quite nice, actually.” I’d go one better. Like crispy baby shrimp, with notes of chicken and pork crackling, they are, honestly, rather moreish.

If only I could switch off the cultural taboos about the way they look. For Z, they are just another thing you eat. To me, they are bugs. Ergo taboo. Continue reading

I Heart Cambodia – Part 2

22 Feb
Children in Jungle Vines, Ta Prohm

Z and a child hawker take time out, Ta Prohm, Cambodia

It’s still uncomfortably early when we debike and hit some blessed calm at Kbal Spean, the River of a Thousand Lingas.

The mile-long path to the top of the hill has been swept clean as a village yard, and cheeutal roots form an elegant latticework, almost like natural stairs.

Ascents of grey, slabby rocks feel almost landscaped, and looping vines create natural swings and hammocks.

Z is in his element. I am in the throes of wondering at the marvels of travel and the joy of life — more specifically, I am pointing out a promising Tarzan vine — when my flip-flopped foot meets a rock and it all goes a bit Keystone Kops. Continue reading