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Messing About in Boats – Part 2

17 Mar

It is pretty much a given, in rural South-East Asia, that falang (and, I guess, locals too) in need of a bed for the night will eventually find someone prepared to put them up.

So, as the sunset pink fades from the Mekong, the night fishermen come out and we moor our increasingly sodden skiff on a promising-looking stretch of bank on another substantial island which does not appear on our map, there is no hint of the Straw Dogs about the encroaching dark. It’s just an adventure. Continue reading

As Conservationists Quietly Weep…

9 Mar

Jar of rice whisky with bear paws, service station, Laos

Will You Be Wanting Fries with That?

Some way into Laos, fresh out of Lao Bao, Vietnam, and heading for Savannakhet, our bus stops at what I guess is best compared to a service station/gas station/Little Chef.

You know. You have a pee. Eat and drink a little. Do a bit of shopping. Stretch your legs. Standard roadside stuff.

Now, rice whisky with snakes and scorpions in is pretty standard tourist stuff. It’s got similar “traveller chops” status in Vietnam to the Mezcal with the worm in it in Mexico, or those crab-infused cachacas they have in Brazil.

Bear paw whisky, on the other hand, is something else altogether. Continue reading