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Koh Chang

27 Jan

Sunset at Treehouse, Long Beach, Koh ChangSo… we spent our first few days of our big adventure at Treehouse on Long Beach, Koh Chang. More by luck than design, it’s virtually at the end of the road which will, ultimately, circle the island and connect everything up, and the generator clicks off at 1am.

So, when you wake all you can hear is the waves swashing back and forth below you, geckoes scuttling in the palm thatch, bird song, leaves and sometimes the occasional longtail boat.

It’s a very classic Thai beach, white sand leading into water so shallow at low tide that it heats to the temperature of a bath, tall palms leaning in towards the sea, limestone headlands covered in jungle projecting like camel’s humps at either end, and a view out to Koh Wai and the tiny Koh Nai islands. Continue reading

Mains Electricity: a Good Thing, Clearly…

25 Jan

So the theoretical immediacy of this medium has been slightly kiboshed by the near-total absence of electricity and mobile reception in our first tropical idyll, Long Beach, Koh Chang, which is, on balance, a beautiful thing, and surprisingly rare.

It will be a shame when the change comes, although I guess, as with so much stuff, we will wonder how we ever did without it rather than mourning the loss of a perhaps already artificial solitude. Continue reading