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In Which We Slay the Hydra

1 Mar

Z takes aim with an M60, Cu Chi TunnelsWe have won the long division war!

Once Z started humming the theme tune to 2001 at volume, I knew we were going to be OK.

“My god,” I said. “Is that 2001?”

“Yes,” he said. “I feel like I’ve made a great accomplishment. And it’s not 2001. It’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.”

“Whatever,” I said. “It’s not far off the invention of fire.”

“I feel that way too,” he said, pen hovering over some tedious carrying operation. “Was it the invention of fire in 2001: A Space Odyssey?” Continue reading

Our Maths Hell

17 Feb

Pile of ShacklesSo, four Mondays into our trip, and the home-schooling thing has hit a major speedbump. It’s the long division that’s killing both of us.

It’s a lovely sunny day in Phnom Penh, and we are encamped in the bar-restaurant opposite our guesthouse, using their internet, swigging lemon juice and sweating.

“So what is the next step?,” I say, with weary patience. He makes cow-eyes at me.

“We need to work out the tens now,” I say, in my best I-Am-A-Very-Nice-Patient-Person-And-Excellent-Mother-Who-In-No-Way-Needs-A-Large-Gin-And-Tonic falsetto.  Continue reading