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The Magic of Travel

27 Mar

Z on back of sawngthaew, Four Thousand Islands, Laos

The big adventure!

One of the great things about travelling with Z is the pleasure he takes in the different means of going from A to B. From the night train to Bangkok to trekking through the Cambodian jungle to swan boats in Hue, Vietnam.

But for me, this snap of him riding tailgate on a sawngthaew (South-East Asian pickup-taxi-bus), ahead of our big adventure down the Mekong in Four Thousand Islands, Laos, sums up his excitement.

So I’ve submitted it to Photo Fridays at Delicious Baby.

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Buses and Boats

13 Mar

Sawngthaew by the Mekong, Laos

The Chariot Awaits

One of the pleasures about travelling with a child is the joy Z takes in the various vehicles involved.

We are fresh off a Lao-style tuk-tuk (with two rows of seats facing each other in the back, though still powered, in the traditional tuk-tuk vein, by a 90cc scooter), at Savannakhet’s bus station. He has been putting his new motorbike helmet to great use by surfing off the tailgate.

Then it emerges that we will need to get the bus. Continue reading

It’s not the Destination, it’s the Journey: on Trucks and Stuff…

25 Jan

Tailgating on a SawngthaewZ, being male and nine years old, actively enjoys the experience of moving from place to place. He did when he was little. But people change. And children change fastest of all.

The beam on realising that Qantas had provided a 747 (Brit-speak) or Socceroo (and, yes, it appears they do actually call it that over there, and, yes, we probably have spent too much time on EasyJet) with stairs, individual screens, menus and the like was only superseded by the rush of small boy adrenalin when confronted with his first sawngthaew, the pickups with two benches in the back which double for taxis in Thailand. Continue reading