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Light Effects

26 Apr

Blue streaks of light in the sky as the sun sets over islands, Tabon, Palawan, Philippines

Does anyone know what causes this?

We were in Tabon, last week, in the south of Palawan, where the sunsets are amazing. But this, I have to say, I have never seen.

These flattened cones, in a very intense blue, like rays of a cartoon sun in negative, appeared from behind the islands in the bay, and scattered across the sky in an arc with the setting sun. Our host, who’s lived there for almost 30 years, was none the wiser either, but definite that it couldn’t be a light show.

Does anyone know what causes this? Is it some sort of rainbow?

Dolphins on the Mekong

22 Feb

Kratie, Cambodia: Sunset over the Mekong

Kratie, Cambodia: Sunset over the Mekong

I was eighteen when I read about the pink freshwater dolphins on the Amazon. I’ve dreamed of seeing them ever since, and Z and I will do this later on this journey.

In the meantime, though, we stopped in Kratie on our way back from Ban Lung, Ratanakiri, to see the Irrawaddy dolphins on the Mekong, and avoid a repetition of our experience on the way up.

The Kratie pod cluster around 15km upriver from the town itself. We took a sampan out to see them from the riverside there, the driver paddling the boat so quietly that the huffs and snorts and squeaks of the dolphins echoed across the water.

The freshwater Irrawaddy dolphin is an endangered species, but this pod was full of life. They surfaced, puffed and played in groups of two or three, one pair arcing so close to the boat that we could see the expressions on their faces. Continue reading